Video: “Falling Star” – Samuel [Falling Star]

Yo I swear I be finding some next level R&B music. …Because here goes another gem I dug up. The [Falling Star] EP, by newcomer Samuel. …Completely experimental, but completely dope.

artworks-000060750183-3s2870-t500x500Tracks 1 and 3 are the favs. Then 4 and 1. (In that order)… …But the whole 4 song EP is pretty dope forreal…

The video for “Falling Star” is nothing but love to me fyi. That joint is so simple, yet so cool. …And the way Samuel throws this Bob Marley-like r&b delivery over that ultra smooth track, makes this song damn near perfect!

1050947Anyways, posted the video for “Falling Star” as well as the full stream to the [Falling Star] EP below. Enjoy…

by Jenewby

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Video: “Falling”

…full stream of [Falling Star]

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