The new cowardly knock out game, that has been trending on the internet, come with real life consequences, and a Michigan Teen found out all about it this past Monday.

The video we bring you today took place in Lansing, Michigan, where a teen attempted to taze an unsuspecting man waiting to pick up his daughter at a school bus stop. Tazing is a new addition to the knockout game.

When Marvell Weaver approached the father to taze him, he had no idea that his intended victim was legally carrying a handgun for self-defense.

When the attempted ‘hit” failed, the father simply pulled out his fully-registered and legal handgun, and calmly shot Weaver twice. Weaver was then imprisoned, given a trial and pled guilty to his crime.

The Knockout Game is a cruel and cowardly way to attack innocent people. But gamers be warned, people are not just fighting back…they are shooting back as well.

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