Travi$ Scott lands on the covers of FADER‘s “Now” issue. Above, check some behind the scenes footage from the photo shoot. Below is an excerpt where he talks about his first time meeting Kanye West. Read the cover story here…you can check out the actual cover on the next page below.

“[Anthony] Kilhoffer, my manager, has known ’Ye for X amount…I didn’t even see ’Ye for like four weeks. I was like, What the fuck? This is kind of weird. I was in some studio around the corner. I added shit in on ‘Theraflu’ and that was it, and that was when I met Lifted for the first time—that was the dude that did the ‘Mercy’ beat. I got hit up like, Yo, we want you to fuck with this ‘Mercy’ track. I fucked with it and turned it in. It came out and I was like, Oh shit! That’s the first time I heard some of my sounds. So time goes on and I didn’t meet ’Ye yet, and I was like, Man, that’s weird. So I get back to Jungle City and they’re like, Yeah, he wants to meet you around five. And I didn’t see this nigga for three days. I did the ‘Don’t Like’ remix—the drums and shit. [Young] Chop lost the files for the track, so man…Then I met him. I played him what Owl Pharaoh was at the time and he was like, Whoa, and I was like, I got these ideas, and I was singing on it, and we just kept talking…”

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