UPDATE: It looks like TI and Tiny’s relationship may be salvaged. Tiny’s friend Shekinah has come out and confirmed that he couple is not splitting up.


MediaTakeOut.com reported earlier today that rapper TI and his wife Tiny were separating. It now looks like that is NO LONGER the case.

But it’s kind of JUICY how everything went down. You see, the ALLEGED SIDEPIECE is a exotical party girl that is GOOD FRIENDS with the “it girls” out in Los Angeles. And she was a “friend” of Tiny’s too. We’re going to keep her NAME out of it for now. But given how THIRSTY she is . . . we expect her to be talking to People magazine in no time.

Anyways, we should start out by telling you that TI and Tiny had a very . . . UNDERSTANDING RELATIONSHIP. The two have, in the past, brought WOMEN into their bedroom for threesomes. We’re told however that TI and TINY STOPPED DOING THAT years ago, and were committed to live a more CONVENTIONAL RELATIONSHIP.

TI and Tiny were at a good place in their lives and their marriage. They had a successful TV show, Tiny was branching out into the world of TALK SHOWS, and TI was making great music again. Things couldn’t be any better.

Than that EXOTICAL HEUX showed up.

We’re told that the young lady SEDUCED TI, and pretended to be close with Tiny. The HEAUX even did Tiny’s hair on several occasions. She must have used some sort of ROOTS on THE KING or something . . . cause she got him acting very OUT OF CHARACTER. He was TRICKIN like a rich Arab – and NEGLECTING his family. It was almost like TI was ADDICTED TO HER.

Tiny suspected that SOMETHING WAS AMISS and so she hired a private detective who uncovered EVERYTHING. TI had reportedly been tricking off TENS OF THOUSANDS of their family money on the side piece. Spending up money that could be used on a COLLEGE FUND for their SIX KIDS . . . on a new White Mercedes for the heaux.

When Tiny learned of the betrayal (last November) she tried to save her marriage. The two went to COUPLES COUNSELING and everything.

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