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Oh’ wow this is dope!

The video is just a video, but the song! …The song is dope!

The first I’m hearing of Charlotte OC. …for obvious reasons. “Hangover” is off her recently released debut EP [Colour My Heart]. …But a NICE introduction! She kinda sounds like singer Elle Varner a little bit. At least on this song she does. The rest of her material is a little different. But still good.

charlotte_oc“Hangover” is my favorite of hers so far, and by all means the standout track on her [Colour My Heart] EP. …Although the EP’s title track is arguably another. Either way, you need to listen to Charlotte OC. I lost sleep on this track last night. The chick can sing, and “Hangover” has such a cool element of badass throwback soul that’s undeniably addictive. Check it out. Posted the new video, plus a few extras. Enjoy…

by Jenewby

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BONUS: Below I posted Charlotte OC’s music video for “Colour My Heart”, another standout track from her debut EP by the same name. I also went ahead and posted the full stream to the EP as well. Enjoy….

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