While Waka Flocka was in DC a few days ago, he stopped by WKYS to speak on his brother’s suicide, revealing revealed that stress was the reason behind his suicide. Waka Flocka revealed he changed his diet and became 85% Vegan in the wake of Kayo Redd’s death.

“That boy had a lot of stress on him. It’s a lot of things that go on behind doors that people don’t know about…it’s a lot of stress that come with this game. The strong survive. The family is good, though. Life goes on. That’s the motto for me, life goes on. If my eyes ain’t closed and I’m not breathing, I’m not hurting.”

“After that situation, I detoxed for like seven days. I changed my diet. I became 85 percent vegan. I just felt like I had to cleanse myself…I’ve been through that before, so to me that’s will power because if I sit there and mope, a lot of things could go bad.”

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