UPDATE: The actual clip from the show is added below.


Eastenders’ star Ross Kemp was recently filming scenes — he was looking to interview a gang leader there, interestingly enough — for his forthcoming show Extreme World 3 in Hagan, Papua New Guinea, when real life guerrillas arrived with guns and an intent to rob (and possibly kill) the actor and crew. What happened after that is a pretty impressive show of cajones (above); below, Kemp spoke to Sky of the ordeal:

“You know if get down on your hands and knees you know you are going to become a victim at that point…What they’re going to do you don’t know.”

“I don’t know to this day if they were going to hurt us. Or if they were just testing us, testing our mettle to see if we’d capitulate, and because we didn’t, we earned his respect I think.”

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