Yo Retch is the man right now low-key. He’s holding NYC down like a mofo. retsch Keeping it straight gully in every rhyme and tearing up tracks to lyrical shred. Just watch his latest video for “Since My Dog Died.”

Already easily one of my favorite tracks on the recent [Polo Sporting Goods] mixtape, “Since My Dog Died” just got boosted to another level of appreciation with the video. Check it out, its dope! …Yo I swear New York is tryna come back as a heavyweight in the rap game. The indie cats are doing it well.

cover-150x150Posted “Since My Dog Died” above, plus be sure to check out Retch’s previous video and full stream to the [Polo Sporting Goods] mixtape in the previous Retch post I wrote. #ThankMeLater. Enjoy…

by Jenewby

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