50 Cent recently released a new track, ‘Hold On’, from his upcoming album Animal Ambition…in the track, the below line was said:

On the phone I heard ‘Ya smacked the shit outta a kid…Now Jimmy got life/Gonna smack him again.”

That line referred to an incident when G-Unit affiliates (which originally included Tony Yayo) slapped Henchman’s son back in 2007 (by the way, the guy who actually did the smacking was murdered).

James Rosemond, Jr. has since responded to the line through AllHipHop:

“First and foremost, when is it cool for four grown men in their 30′s to surround and hit a 14 year-old middle school kid? The incident in 2007 was a bad situation I didn’t deserve, and seven years later it’s now being made fun of in a record? What real gangster condones grown men assaulting a minor or a young man who has no involvement in the beef? Plus, these guys have kids of their own, and they should know better!”

“Secondly, who gets credit for trying to diss a man who is currently down and in no position to defend himself at this moment? It’s so easy to try to kick a man when he is down. What “real” street person applauds when a person is fighting against the same corrupt and prejudice system that has incarcerated a lot of black men? I guess that’s how some “gangster rappers” build their credibility… At the end of the day we are not catering to any negativity on our side and we have much bigger things to put our energy into.”

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