MadGibbs talks creativity, industry bullshit and more in this new interview.  I’ve included two excerpts below, check the whole thing here.


At one point there was talk of you working with Kanye?

I don’t know what happened. Maybe he didn’t wanna pay my fee, or maybe he didn’t wanna go in that direction. Probably the money thing, he wanted to put his name on my— I actually don’t wanna talk about that. A lot of people record over my music and it don’t come out.

Freddie Gibbs:

So you think Jeezy didn’t really know what he was doing when it came to running a label?

Of course he don’t know what he doing. Hell nah, he don’t know what the fuck he doing. And I’mma stay on his punk ass till he say something about it. I’mma keep drilling his punk ass into the ground.

But a lot of people don’t know how to run a label — that’s something you gotta learn. I’m gonna take the necessary steps. That’s why I got the right people around me. I don’t just got people around me sucking my dick. That’s his problem, too many fucking yes-men, not telling you the real. I made mine in this game —

[Phone rings in the background.]

… that’s my trap phone ringing …

[Phone silenced.]

… I never took a dollar from nobody. Not no label, not nobody. And I remain to be relevant. I might not be a household name but when you think of the best rap lyricists, you gotta mention my name, or you slipping. You can’t name five mothafuckas that rap better than me on the planet. On the planet! It ain’t about the record sales, it ain’t about the radio spins, it ain’t about the b*****s twerking on my shit. I’m all about making the best product.

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