George The Poet drops a new number on the 21st anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s death. Lyrics below.

In 1993 a knife cut through a family
Separating father and son, mother and child.
Following this tragedy was the open friction caused by
No convictions in the subsequent trial.
Stephen Lawrence was 18 at the time of the attack.
His only crime was being black. Despite a
Statement from a friend who’d escaped the killers,
And witnesses describing what they’d heard and seen,
The police investigation was biased and flawed so
Justice wasn’t served for the murdered teen.

But even though there was abuse from the skeptics,
The Lawrence family refused to accept this.
They challenged the supers, detectives, the
System of law and order’s claim to fairness,
Gained awareness. No spin, just the pain of parents
Versus the court. The Macpherson Report
Exposing the truth of institutional racism, which
Many had never given a personal thought.

We owe it to ourselves to work together for the
Simple fact we’ll share this world forever.
None of us are leaving. If you need something to believe in
Let’s have unity for Stephen.

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