(photo by Chris Pizzello)

Mickey Rooney, a Hollywood actor who appeared in over 200 films in 80 years, passed away today at 93.  More from USA Today:

Mickey Rooney was the original Hardy boy.

His 200-plus film credits notwithstanding, the spry, spirited Rooney will be best remembered for playing the impetuous title character in MGM’s belovedAndy Hardy movies.

Multiple news outlets reported that Rooney, 93, died on Sunday. He is survived by his eighth wife Jan, and nine children.

But most of all, he leaves behind a colorful Hollywood legacy that spanned 80 years and more than 200 films, including Boys Town and The Black Stallion. Rooney won two honorary Oscars, the first in 1938, the second in 1982. In January 2005, Rooney made headlines for the unlikeliest of reasons when the Fox network rejected a Super Bowl cold remedy commercial — featuring Rooney’s bared bottom — for being inappropriate.

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