Complex found this video series “Sa Neter Tv7”, where it appears the hosts run into Charles Hamilton on a New York street corner and watched the rapper say a lot of bizzare things. I’ve included some notable quotes.  Apparently Hamilton is still signed to Interscope and thinks very highly of record label head Jimmy Iovine; “Jimmy Iovine is the closest thing we got to God.Jimmy Iovine wanted me to be a happier version of myself. Where we disagreed creatively is I’m lying to my listeners if I give them positive messages, because I don’t see anything. I’m not positive. If I sold my soul to anybody, it would be to Jimmy Iovine, and it wasn’t because of anything gay.”  Before claiming to worship Sonic the Hedgehog and Albert Einstein (he also claimed to worship J Dilla), Hamilton said that “As long as Kanye West acknowledges the power of magic, then I will ease up on him.” After this he claimed to know that Drake is an alien ; “There’s a melody in that song [“Started From the Bottom”], and that melody is like the mental ringtone of the aliens.” Finally, he talked about homosexuality in Hip-Hop, saying; “It’s called African child pornography. What they do is they take the babies, take innocent baby boys, if you believe Jimmy Iovine, a few reputable artists, they’ve been infected with AIDS. The myth is you take an African baby boy and you sodomize them and you pass your AIDS onto them and you take their innocence. The fresher the rapper, the dirtier the art. So you find the freshest artist you can find, whoever the freshest, the flyest, except Drake, and you put them under that microscope of how fresh they are. If you can smell a babies aroma in their music, if there is something pure about it, and you know they’re dirty, that’s how you know it’s foul.” I couldn’t make this up. Watch the whole interview above.

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