Last night Meek Mill & his artist Louie V Gutta went back and forth over twitter over the incident at Summer Jam with Slowbucks. If you been living under a rock, Slowbuck got his chain stolen from someone in 50 Cent’s entourage.

Sohh Reports :

Tensions initially boiled when Gutta referenced someone getting their jewelry taken at Sunday’s Hot 97 Summer Jam concert.

“”what goes around comes around…karma,” Louie tweeted June 2. (Louie V Gutta’s Twitter)

Meek eventually responded to Gutta’s comment and shot back a warning.

“Slow got the chain back u got took chill bro u drawing! RT @LouieVGutta: what goes around comes around…karma,” Meek wrote June 2. (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

Upset by Meek’s remark, Gutta went on a mini-rant against the Philadelphia native.

“And u outta pocket tweetin me some sh*t when u can call me @MeekMill that’s nut sh*t! call me”

“and Idc how G a n*gga is…if a n*gga got the drop on you…and they strapped ain’t sh*t u can do! f*ck y’all want me to box a bullet?”

“You go to bat for slowbucks but not ya own artist! U a real like d*ck rider” (Louie V Gutta’s Twitter)

Meek appeared to end things by suggesting for Louie to reach out to him.

“I ain’t calling nothing n*gga! @LouieVGutta I ain’t never outta pocket n*gga! Ima b home tonight” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

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