I remember when I heard the original 1017 Thug; it was admittedly retroactive, after JUKEBOXDC writer JL continued to push the artist’s music on the website. Simply put, it was definitely the early signs of the growing star that he is now…with that said, I was about to give a very thorough review of this project here (the so-called sequel), but some media outlets realized something:

This project is one of the many being churned out of incarcerated rapper Gucci Mane’s label No Limit Records-style. Young Thug (most likely) has nothing to do with this — the recordings were probably done while he was formally “signed” to the 1017 imprint, and you can hear the lack of freshness in each song. But the above cover? The fact that they literally pasted Young Thug’s face on Wiz Khalifa’s body (even leaving notable tattoos in place) is absolutely hilarious.

If you want some Young Thug music just for the sake of it, this project should hold you over for a few days….unfortunately, none of the tracks in any way compare to the current quality from the Atlanta emcee (ex. ‘Danny Glover’, ‘Stoner’) and — side note — we haven’t been hearing a whole lot in that style of production when he’s making music for Birdman, either (ex: ‘Lifestyle’).

I don’t even have a notable cut from this that I feel sticks out as a gem on the project.

Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles: I hope you guys have a solution to this…otherwise, Young Thug is going to eventually begin moving backwards. With that said, you can enjoy a stream of the project below; the purchase link is over at iTunes.

UPDATE: If you click on that iTunes link, you’ll see that whoever made that savagely-plagiarized artwork presented something more original.

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