UPDATE: Miss Info reports that Keef is still signed;

News flash…Just because you want something to be so…doesn’t mean that it actually is so. Even though Keef has been tweeting that he is off Interscope, and “splitting” up with Jimmy Iovine…reality check, Chief Keef is, as of now, still signed to Interscope. Which also means that he can’t really be selling his upcoming mixtape on iTunes.
But maybe all this foolery will prompt the label to give him the walking papers he desires (deserves?).”




According to an AllHipHop source, Chief Keef (pictured about with Jimmy Iovine) was dropped by Interscope Records a few weeks ago. Apparently,the label didn’t want to deal with the his drug and legal issues so they began to “disassociate” with the rapper. Keef has been no stranger to controversy since his rise to fame a few years ago. Despite many problems, the relationship took a turn for the worse after the rapper move to LA, near Interscope’s headquarters in Santa Monica, California. Disagreements over how his album was promoted and about a second album were the final straw for the label, who was contractually allowed to drop Keef at anytime if his debut album Finally Rich didn’t top 250,000 sales. As of today, the LP has not even hit the 200,000 mark.

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