You can see the actual SoundScan screenshot over at Complex, but yes: Troy ave couldn’t even break 4,500, and even worse, he couldn’t get more than 30 people to walk into a store to buy Major Without A Deal. Who knows it would have been much different, but why the hell would he drop an album on a Friday, anyway?

Troy Ave has now joined the not-so-illustrious club of artists who have had miserable album sales in the first week of the project’s release. According to the official SoundScan numbers, Troy’s album, Major Without A Deal, which boasted major features from Cam’ron​, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Ty Dolla $ign, and more, only managed to move a total of 4,373 copies since its release last Friday, with the majority of that number coming from digital sales, and only 30 copies coming from actual physical sales of the album.

Naturally, Black Twitter has responded in the most hilarious fashion possible, which you can see below. One thing’s for sure: regardless of whether Troy Ave wanted one or not, we don’t see any majors giving him a deal (at least nothing better than a 360) at this point.

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