Spotted on The Source:

According to the website of the street wise publication Don Diva Magazine, 49 year old Alberto “Alpo” Martinez has been released from ADX Florence federal prison. According to the website, Martinez is currently in the federal witness protection program awaiting his identity.

It has been alleged that Martinez indirectly reached out to the publication’s owner and respected Harlem OG, Kevin Chiles, and requested to speak to him about him allegedly becoming an informant against Chiles, something which Martinez denies.

Alpo, whose life was replayed by Cam’ron in the movie Paid In Full, was to serve 35 years for 14 counts of murder when he was sentenced in November 1991. It has been confirmed that Martinez did turn informant on his enforcerWayne “Silk” Perry, who because of Martinez’s testimony, was handed down a life without parole sentence on a 27 count federal indictment.

The government has not confirmed any such release of Alberto Geddis Martinez.

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