From DJ Enuff:

Yesterday a video of a brutal assault on a Columbia, SC high school student went viral. The video shows a school officer female slamming a female student to the ground and then dragging her across a classroom floor. The incident occurred at Spring Valley High School.

According to one of the students in the classroom, here’s what happened:

“The girl was asked by the teacher Mr. Long to leave the classroom and go to the discipline office, she ignored him, then an administrator came in and asked her if he needed to get the resource officer. She ignored him and then the officer came in. He asked if she was gonna go or if he had to make her go. Then he grabbed her and pulled her out of her desk and she fell on the ground with the desk still on her. He then threw her across the room and then got on top of her. Another student tried to stand up for her, which also led to her arrest.”

The police officer in the video, identified as Deputy Ben Fields, has been placed on administrative duty pending an investigation. In a statement a spokeswoman for Richland School District Two said:

“Our District is deeply concerned about an incident that occurred today. The incident took place between a school resource officer employed by the Richland County Sheriff’s Department and a student. Video of the incident is circulating on social media. Student safety is and always will be the District’s top priority. The District will not tolerate any actions that jeopardize the safety of our students. Upon learning of the incident, school and district administrators began an investigation. We are working closely and in full cooperation with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department to conduct a thorough and complete investigation. Pending the outcome of the investigation, the District has directed that the school resource officer not return to any school in the District.”

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