Last Friday night, DC White came back home and brought half of Atlanta with him for the first TrapFest show at the Howard Theatre, organized with Benny T. The sold-out, midnight event was smaller but energetic and featured some of DC and Atlanta’s best known rappers. White, Jose Guapo, Lil Duke (aka YSL Duke or MPA Duke) Hoodrich Pablo and Chicago’s Yung Gwapa performed as well as a number of local artists — Oochie, Foams SB, Money Montana, Boss DC, Yung Steph, etc. Even though they didn’t perform, Alley Boy, Mojo, Kushy Stash, AB Icee, Iceberg Lo, Big Flock and a bunch of others also came out in support. Basically, anyone making Trap Rap in D.C. or Atlanta (or someone they were affiliated with) was there. Shout out to SWE and everyone who showed love. If we forgot to add your name in the vlog just comment and we’ll make a note.

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