If you hadn’t heard by now, some kids decided to take Young M.A’s now-famous line from ‘Ooouuu’ for a creative spin-off of your favourite cognac, Hennessy. Following growing backlash (by way of appropriation and the creator not getting just due), Young M.A has responded with a cease-and-desist. From VladTV:

According to the “entrepreneurs” Instagram post, they advertised that at least 100 bottles were restocked at a 24/7 Liquor and another liquor store called Sweenys. The Source exclusively told VladTV that the rapper’s team has reached out to both locations and have gotten the bottles removed.

Some fans were outraged after assuming the liquor company was appropriating Young M.A’s success, however, due to all of the commotion online, the Hennessy-loving artist could see a possible endorsement deal with Hennessy pretty soon.

In related news, it also looks like two of the ‘Headphanie’ bottle creators are currently dealing with a rape case.


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