D.C. hottest (and fastest rising) director and one of the city’s most captivating lyricists sit down with JUKEBOX:DC…you can check out both interviews below.

One of the city’s hottest video directors, FoolWithTheCamera sits down with JUKEBOX:DC to speak candidly on his upbringing, entry into making videos, working with some of Atlanta’s top tier artists and much more.

As an artist that’s remained at the forefront since our own inception, Kingpen Slim is definitely one of D.C.’s biggest gems, thanks to his unrepentant lyricism and knack for creating catchy, radio-friendly bangers (some of which still haven’t received their just due). Recently, we caught up with Slim, who spoke on his latest release — Life After Doubt — gentrification in D.C., how Hip-Hop has changed (or stayed the same) and much more.

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