Mike Brown Da Czar ft. AB Icee – Lookin For It (Throwback)

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By James L.

Mike Brown Da Czar and AB Icee are “Lookin For It” in their new music video, shot by Capitol Cinema. Presumably, songs like “Lookin For It” make a lot of sense if you’re “fried”, or trying to get there (sufficiently intoxicated.) If not, Mike Brown’s sluggish flow on the hook and verse can still be appreciated, preferably through the auxiliary cord of a car with the bass turned up. Mike raps the narrative of an endless search, accompanied by a piano, 808s and a synth horn that sounds like it came straight out of the Go-Go. He is always “Lookin For It,” on a constant mission, pursing money and his drugs of choice, among other things. Icee comes in later, with similar goals. Like Mike, he raps lines that are equal parts deceptively lazy, catchy and deceivingly intelligent. These two showcase funny jabs and half-finished thoughts, hidden behind repetitive taunts and swagger. They’ve flipped their own initial concept of the search for success and enjoyment, with boasts and affirmations; “You know what I’m looking for”, “I Got the molly, who said they’re looking for it?” As in, ‘I’ve got it and I know you want it’ or, ‘people know what I want.’ Lines like “I pour a ‘four’ up and turn into a Martian” and “Glizzy on me now I look like a drummer boy” are anecdotal.

Don’t let the piano loop and the auto-tune fool you into thinking that “Lookin For It” is unremarkable. The key here is that Breezy and Icee are not only “Lookin For” money, drugs (weed, Molly, lean), success, etc. In their pursuit of happiness (ugh), they find themselves sought out by others as well. “Lookin For It” was shot mostly on a grass field and a nearby playground, with a short break to get sodas from the hot dog truck. In this almost-happy video, these young men jump and dance around, flashing Styrofoam cups at the camera. With the colorful contents of the cups and mentions of other downers, they’re also looking for ways to dull the pain, and ways to keep themselves able to deal with one goal at hand; get out of the grindylow that is “the streets” of D.C., constantly pulling people down. Speaking of the District, “Lookin For It” was shot at a brand new rec’ center in Southeast, Anacostia. AB Icee’s home of Condon Terrace is close by, projects slowly shrinking behind chain link fences and construction signs as public housing units are torn down. Similarly, Mike Brown Da Czar’s neighborhood of Riggs Park seems to be “in transition.”

Maybe, Mike and Icee are just looking for a sense of belonging, as we all are. Maybe, if they find the tangible items they’ve been looking for, they’ll find success. Have they found Waldo? Or have they just been where many Waldos have been before. Possibly, one music writer who has worked with Icee is “Lookin For” too much meaning in a song that’s supposed to be largely about getting money, having fun and doing drugs. We’re all “Lookin For It”, one way or another.

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