Image credit: Patrick Chen

DMV’s own Rico Nasty was recognized in an amazing new editorial by Paper Magazine titled Women In Hip-Hop, which also featured appearances from Saweetie, Asian Doll, Dreezy, Molly Brazy, Kamaiyah and more. What’s very dope is that Bali Baby is also featured in this — in fact, the two (former?) enemies can be seen next to each other in the above image.

Anyways, check it all out here.

I want to be remembered for mixing genres. Of course I’m not the first girl to do rock music. I’m not even the first girl to do rap music. But to blend them together multiple times successfully? I think that’s my shit, right there. I always loved listening to remixes and listening to R&B songs on trap beats. Like I’m weird as fuck. I’m the goofy person who will sing “Faneto” in a country accent. I just be doing weird shit like that. That circles into my remixing. I want to be remembered as the girl who wasn’t afraid to mix that shit together.

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