New heat from Pusha’s chosen first signee. Info below

Ptersburg, Virginia rapper Kahri 1k, the first artist on Pusha T’s new label imprint, Heir Wave Music Group, Chris Thomas directs Kahri 1k’s (@kahri1k) official music video for “Fort Night.” Inspired by the Epic Games’ shooter-survival sensation bearing the same name, the visual opens up with a recreated scene from The Hughes Brother’s classic film Menace II Society and sets the tone for the Heir Wave Music Group (@heirwavemusic) poster boy’s four minute mini-movie. Later that day, Kahri and a team of bandits proceed to rob a luxury living quarters. Oddly enough, they don’t take any money or jewels; but instead seize vials of a glowing green serum which seem to give them x-men like superpowers, briefly displayed throughout the heist.

Equipped with a co-sign from Grammy-nominated wordsmith Pusha T as well as management from long time Trey Songz business associate Mumeet “Mu” Daddy, Kahri 1k is poised to be the next big hip-hop superstar from Virginia. The Petersburg raised entertainer has been commercially releasing music since 2017, but earned critics attention with the KingDrumDummie-produced street anthem “Pain.”

Kahri on the visual:

This song was an opportunity for me to show my fans how creative I can get. When we connected with Chris for the video treatment bringing the older and younger generations together was a goal of ours. That’s why we decided to include the “pulling drive bys” scene with Caine and Ronnie from Menace II Society in the beginning. You pair that with something as popular as Fornite and everything comes together smoothly. I don’t play the game as much as I used to, but I’ll pick up the stick every now and then.

“Fort Night” is the third video to be released from Khari’s The Ghost of Pecan Acres project. He previously released a Jordan Gonzalez-directed visual for “Trenches” back in February and a Shomi Patwary-directed visual for ”When They See Us” featuring Quando Rondo last month.

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