DMV representer Kwad just released his new project, Soundboy 3, dedicated to Virginia. Popping off on Soundcloud a few years ago with collaborations with Yung Bans and the JukeBOX favorite Xanman, followed by an unfortunate stint on Rikers Island. Jamaica-born, Stafford-based Kwad continues to perfect his unique sound with Soundboy 3. Stream Soundboy 3 below, on Spotify. Read about what Kwad himself had to say about the project below that.

Soundboy 3 is a project for Virginia, but it also represents me claiming my place in the world. I just want my state to know I’m ready to put on for us. Even when you look at the two features I chose, FNF Chop and 909Memphis, they’re as VA as they come yet contrast each other.”


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