DMV artist PHZ-Sicks (pronounced ‘physics’) presents the Candyman/Halloween inspired “Daniel Robitaille.” “Daniel Robitaille” is produced by St. Louis producer, sovren (Westside Gunn’s Hell on Earth, Pt. 2).

Taking his love for film which started with the horror genre, PHZ-Sicks mixes in plenty of lyrical easter eggs for lovers of horror. “Hearing the unsettling chords in sovren’s track, just transported me being in a four cornered room, staring at candles. Shoutout to Scarface. But to be serious, hearing what she created, made me think of a Dario Argento film where a character is walking down a colorfully lit room, and this would be the music in the background. Going off the high I had from seeing the recent Candyman, I took those thoughts and place it with the beat.”

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