Bro dumb as sh**. From WPTV:

A South Florida judge ruled Tuesday that rapper Kodak Black enter a drug treatment program after his bond was revoked for failing a drug test while out on bond.

Broward County Judge Barbara Duffy issued an arrest warrant for Black last week after he didn’t appear for a scheduled drug test in early February and then days later submitted a sample that tested positive for fentanyl, court records reveal.

Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, violated the conditions of his pretrial release stemming from an oxycodone trafficking charge last year.

In court Tuesday, an attorney for Black said it was possible the laboratory mixed up the urine sample because of a star-struck employee.

The employee who collected the sample testified in court that he may have made a mistake.

Duffy and the prosecution agreed that a hair sample could be taken Tuesday to determine if Kapri had any illicit drugs in his system.

“Not by this gentleman,” Duffy said, referring to the employee.

She then granted the defense’s request that Black be allowed to enter a 30-day in-patient drug treatment program next week so that he can attend this weekend’s Rolling Loud music festival in California.

As the hearing was ending, Black thanked Duffy and asked if he could have a Jolly Rancher from a bowl on the bench.

Duffy agreed. Black then reached into the bowl, selected one of the candies and removed the wrapper as he walked back to his seat. He then ate the Jolly Rancher.

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