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Take a seat and absorb this in depth documentary on the “Nation’s Capital” Washington DC during the late 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. This stage in time also known as the “crack era” saw over 6,000 people lose their lives to violence in the streets of city. Learn about the notorious drug crews from Uptown to the Southside and how products ,they were provided, pushed had direct impact on an entire generation of children from the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

“In this video we are taking one final look at Washington DC during the crack era as we uncover a chain of events that took place in one of the most Notorious neighborhoods (Potomac Gardens) as well as some other incidents that occurred around the city. However , the main purpose of this video is to show how poverty and the crack era created a high tolerance for violence among our youth, and since then we have not been able to turn it off; even today. We can say, it’s the parents, Rap music, poverty, but the truth is, a lot of things contribute to who we become. This is not to glorify murder. This is also my last video covering the murder cap era in Washington D.C unless someone reach out to me about covering their story. Music: Backyard Band/ Heaven or Hell – No Savage/ Street Addiction

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