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You might have come across local rapper Noochie’s front porch freestyles on your Instagram or YouTube pages. It’s becoming almost a phenomenon for hip hop and go-go lovers.

Noochie is bringing live band performances from hip hop and go-go and spreading it to the masses.

“I was just doing it just to get my creative juices out and if people like it I love it,” Noochie said.

The local rapper started these front porch freestyles back in 2017, but it was nothing like the full scale production it’s grown into.

“It was just me and my phone doing like I had a speaker beside me and using the mic and the camera off my phone just recording myself just rapping.”

He was signed to Atlantic Records at the time, but wasn’t happy and needed some place to vent, so he took it to his front porch.

“I [gotta] do something to show people that I’m good at this,” said Noochie.