We recently sat down with Q Da Fool for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he talked about coming home from jail last week after violating probation, explains what his fans mean to him, OhGeesy bringing him out for a show the day after he was released, his close relationship with the members of Shoreline Mafia, their song “Gangstas & Sippas” going Platinum while he was locked up, fatherhood teaching him to appreciate life, going viral when he recently posted a picture with Shabazz PBG, the culture in PG County, being bad as a kid, jumping off the porch when he was 14, getting caught stealing his mom’s car, getting locked up for attempted murder when he was 16, knowing he wanted to be a rapper when he was 5 years old, recording his first song when he was 13, recording “Right There”, “Catch Up” & “Guns & Bells” in the same night, all 3 music videos blowing up, starting to get paid from his music, paying Gucci Mane $35k for a feature, explains why he signed with Roc Nation over other labels, learning a lot about the music business while he was signed, signing himself to his own label Rich Shoota, explains his creative process, feeling like he makes his best music when his back is against the wall, explains why he didn’t rap when he was locked up, reveals when he gave up on music is when he got locked up, his thoughts on the music scene in the DMV right now, his song “GQ”, explains how he deals with online trolls, his next music video “Welcome Back”, plans to drop an EP in November, goals, shares advice to the youth, plans to write a book, and much more!