We recently sat down buzzing D.C. artist KP Skywalka for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he talked about his experience growing up in Southeast D.C., his keys to being successful, jumping off the porch, being proud of himself for how far he’s made it so far, dropping out of school in the 10th grade, just starting to rap at the end of last year, being surprised by how quickly his music took off, his brothers getting him into making music, the Krime Pays collective, his music video “Granny House” being the first one to take off, paying for promo to push the video, dropping music videos back to back, connecting with Lil Dude, dropping “Love Of Money” with him, reveals his creative process, not using the DMV flow, being crowned as next up in D.C., his viral song ‘TyFreka”, performing at Howard University, proclaiming himself as the Jay-Z D.C., his thoughts on the music scene in D.C. right now, moving out the city, his new project ‘Rhythm & Bip’, explains what Bip means, his new video “TyTy & NaeNae”, reveals he is dropping a deluxe version real soon, wanting to make the XXL Freshman cover, doing modeling, explains what happened to his wrist, shares advice for the youth, and much more!