This is from Illseed’s Rumors page, so…apparently, there is a producer names Wyldfyer who has produced for the likes of Jay-Z & Nas, to name a few. He is saying (or perhaps merely insinuating without distinct accusation) that J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League may have taken a beat he submitted to Rick Ross (who may not be void of guilt on this either) and created their own version of it. Quite frankly, I thought that this is what happens in hip-hop anyway? Here are some copied tweets (or messages, I dunno) that Illseed put up from Wyldfyer himself:

# By the way, yalls favorite HIP HOP producers have been hitting me all day like, “shyts MAAAAD similar”. I just put it out there. 10:57 PM Jul 6th

# @DONJULIO1 @theforce_ But I HOPE they “outdid” me. Shit, its like 4-5 of them and just ONE of me. That say something about ME! 10:56 PM Jul 6th

# @DONJULIO1 @theforce_ I just put it out there for the world to know and make they own minds up…I even said that their song is DOPE 10:55 PM Jul 6th

# And today I hear THIS? “I QUIT!!!” 8:38 PM Jul 6th

# Buuuuuut, i send THIS beat to Ross 3 months ago … 8:38 PM Jul 6th

# Im already getting phone calls, LOL. SMH! I cant do it, mane! Not if n***as aint playin fair. If its coincidence? COOL! Dope Record. 8:37 PM Jul 6th

# @NativeOfVA bout to post it now! Cant be THIS much coincidence in the FUCKING world! n***as wanna get grimy? Ok. 8:27 PM Jul 6th

…which leads us to the evidence…take a listen to both and decide for yourself:

‘Maybach Music 3’:

Wyldfyer’s beat in question:

Coincidence? Maybe we’ll hear more about this soon…

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