Good Morning and happy Hump Day. To be honest, I woke up pretty down about the issues I have to face for the month…and there are plenty. If you are reading this, I would guess that you either don’t give a shit (fair enough) or you’re actually in the same boat as me, as could use a bit of a pick-me-up to get you through the day. Well, the videos and news in this entry should not only help you feel better, but also should remind you that regardless of situation, there are folks probably going through dumber shit (some seemingly asking for it) themselves. Enjoy…

Suge Knight Once Again A Wanted Man

From TMZ:

Cops are on the hunt for one Suge Knight — after the former Death Row kingpin skipped out on a court appearance in L.A. According to court documents, obtained by TMZ, Knight was supposed to appear in court last week for driving on a suspended license back in 2009 … it’s the latest in a string of recent legal run-ins.

Lil Ru (Def Jam) Gets “Jumped” By His Baby Mom’s Brothers

Admittedly never heard of him…I wonder if I ever will…

One Of Jeezy’s Men Gets Knocked Out By One Of Waka Flocka’s Men

I guess these idiots didn’t get the memo…and who is Slim Dunkin? I mean really?

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