Juvenile – Beast Mode (Album Review)

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Okay, my first album review….not sure why the hell I’m reviewing anything on a blog I’m still trying to build, but maybe we can show you just how serious to are when it comes to both studying the in and outs of this music industry while also showing our true undying love for it…but anyway…

So, before I start the review, let me first say that I 1) was a HUGE fan of Juve and his crew during the Hot Boy days, and 2) I can’t honestly say that I been really heavy on post-Reality Check Juve. Aside from the very hot track “We Be Gettin’ Money” (while not taking away from “Gotta Get It“), Cocky & Confident was a bit of a continuing decrease in my eyes.

So now we have his new album “Beast Mode” (Atlantic/UTP) which, if one were to judge a book by it’s cover, we not put it off to the greatest start. To paraphrase it, it’s a very unoriginal (maybe I shouldn’t call it that, given how long he’s been in the game providing this music), monotonous, formulaic-sounding album that touches on the usual topics of sex, drugs, and generally living life like a rock star.  With that said, after a few cups of cognac and a couple blunts, this album will probably satisfy every rock out moment in the modified system of your car on the way to and from the (strip) club.

Too simple read the title of each song on the tracklist tells you plenty. Most of the tracks are too similar to even really separate, include the first track, “Go Hard Or Go Home”, and the tracks “I’m Da Man”, “Nothing Like Me (which features a Juve Jr.?)”, “No Team” and “Lights, Camera, Action”, which are all pounding minimal beats filled with braggadocio layered in between thought of violence and triumph. For the more adult subject matter you need look no further than “Drop That Azz” and “Pussy Cat”. You also have the straight party music (“Drinks On Me”) and well as the obligatory didn’t-Lil-Wayne-already-do-this-but-better get-high track (“La La La La La”).

As far as lyrical ability, this is probably Juve at his strongest as he continues to master his craft, completely with southern countrified lines like “got flavor like steak sauce” and “shit stains on my tennis shoes, I be kickin ass'”, lines that only he and a few other emcees could even pull off without sounding completely laughable.

To close out, as said before, this album is great for getting to amped to party, wherever that may be. It’s also great for riding music in the whip. But at the end of the day, you may find yourself breaking out the old Cash Money records as a reminder of when Juve was definitely at his prime.

“Drop That Thang (Drop That Azz, Edited)”

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