Wow. What you see above is a possible screen supposedly lifted off of Hype Williams computer that shows what could be the tracklisting to Kanye’s Good Ass Job…this is crazy, man…here’s was Miss Info said about it:

Damn, the internets are a mofo. that is all….No, wait, that is not all. Ok, so this screengrab of Kanye’s album tracklisting surfaces. This means that someone has managed to hack into presumably Hype Williams’ network. That means that the entire album may be in their hands as well.
Mark my words, if the entire Kanye West album leaks months early, not via an email hack, but a private network hack….I think this will be a watershed moment for music piracy and online security.
You can see an enlarge version of the screen grab here. Technology at it’s worst and at its finest…album release date is still 9/14.

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