Well, I suppose someone was going to eventually. D.C. video vixen turned emcee Angel Lola Luv decided to speak on that show through Twitter:

So, I just watched the “Superhead” Life After …..and because I know a lot of other women and young girls have watched as well…I just want you guys to know and understand that is ABSOLUTELY NOT the blueprint to success or fame! We as women are worth so much more! No matter what lows we come from (abuse, poverty, traumas..etc) we still are strong amazing creations of God! Don’t ever let your upbringings or experiences be excuses for the choices that you make in your life! I DIDN’T!!!!

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With faith and a desire for growth your past wont effect your future for the worst. Instead it will create a fortitude in your character preparing you for anything your future hits you with. No one is perfect and we all have made mistakes but you learn from those mistakes become better and teach others. That is what life is about.

I’m not going to speak too much on her. I’ve done that already. My issue is her polluting the youth’s mental into believing that is what you have to do for fame. If you are going to capitalize off of this at least while doing so teach to do better. Especially after knowing you have the youth’s attention. Her reality isn’t every female in the game’s reality. (Not to mention she was never known to be a video vixen until the book) There are a lot of strong goal oriented women in the game. If you are aspiring to get in the business, her route should NEVER be an option!. I have so much love for all my ladies so I just want you guys to know that you have the power to take control of anything. that goes on w/ you and your life PERIOD! I had to overcome obstacles, grow and guide ‘myself’ at a young age.. #AnythingIsPossible xOxO*

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