Our next interview takes us to the West Coast. Meet Spitfiya, an individual from Compton who is a prime example of versatility in the industry: on one end, he’s pure emcee who has appeared on the Showtime series Interscope Presents: The Next, while on the other end he also a successful songwriter who has probably helped create a hit for your favorite artist (not to mention, Hip-Hop isn’t his only specialty…he’s music period). With songs currently climbing the airwaves and projects on the way, nothing looks to stand in his way any time soon. JukeBOX. was fortunate enough to ask him a few questions where he expounded on his past, present and his future.

JukeBOX.: Please tell us were you’re from, and how you got into Hip-Hop.
Spitfiya: What up world…well I’m from Compton California and I got into Hip-Hop through one of my cousins playing me an old Do or Die song (Side Note: Do or Die is my favorite rap group, free Belo [Zero]). I know a lot of people hear my music and think I was influenced by Twista, but it was really the whol Chi-Town movement in a whole, from Do or Die to Common to Crucial Conflict, Infamous Syndicate to Psychodrama back in the day, and then I stumbled onto a Big L CD, he had the double time flow down but he could rap slow too and tell a great story and be witty and I felt I could relate to some of the stuff, and I felt like ‘fuck it, I could do this, let me take a shot at it’. 
Name some artists whom you’ve grown up listening to, and have been influences.
Of course the Chi-Town movement, but I was a huge Nas and Biggie [fan]…matter of fact that whole Bad Boy era and Timbaland made a huge impact on me, you could hear it in the beats I pick or the way I arrange my songs.
 His appearance on Interscope Presents: The Next.
Please tell us more about your inclusion in the Showtime Series Interscope Presents: The Next.
It’s funny how I got up on that show because I had about three offers on the table at the time, I was just out of high school and it made me feel like I was in the draft ’cause I had a couple labels coming up to my house trying to convince me and my Mom to sign with them and then I got a call out of the blue from an Interscope rep (shout to my bro Bishop Lamont for [putting] a word in for me) saying they want me to be on their show but they were not going to give me a deal.
And I did not want to do it cause I wanted to get a check (laughs) but my manager said it would be a better look but I have no choice bit to win it so I focused on it and did all my research on battling and got my chops up out here in L.A. If you want to step your skills up you have to go to Project Blow, that’s a legendary spot that has birthed a lot of great artists. Shout to Project Blow, too.
Describe the Bullets Production team and notable projects that you’ve worked on.
That’s another thing that’s funny, the Bullets is me and my manager’s Grammy Award winning writing and production team that’s pushed over 40 million units. We do everything from Pop to everything in between…and what people don’t realize is that I have always been a writer and I never just focused on writing just Rap music. I have always been a student of music and wrote in multiple genres, I really like the art of arranging songs, and after the [Interscope Presents The Next…] show people have wondered where have I been but they don’t realize every year I have been on big albums (check the credits for C. Lanier). Since the Barbershop 2 soundtrack as a writer I have sold a couple million records and received many awards…from me writing on both of Flo Rida’s albums to writing with Timbaland, will.i.am Polow Da Don, B.o.B’s album, Lloyd, Sean Kingston, Keri Hilson, Nipsey Hussle, Jay Rock. I have either written hooks for them or did songs with them for my projects, and my other teammates have [been] on albums such as [50 Cent’s] Curtis, [2Pac’s] All Eyes On Me, made hits for J. Lo, Gucci Mane, Tyrese, Carmen Elektra, Black Eyed Peas, Soulja Boy…and that’s just a few that I can think of. We are pretty much a big in-house team. 
Any current artists or peers in music that you listen to today? Who would like you to collabate with in the future? 
I have not dropped one album yet but I can say God has blessed me to be able to work with and get props from all the artists I really looked up to that are alive, but as of right now I’m listening to Wale’s street album, I like Rick Ross’ new album, I like Bun B’s new album…and artists that [I] would love to work with would be artists like Yelawolf, Tech N9ne, The Clipse & Big K.R.I.T. You know, people that make great music.

Spitfiya x Mistah Fab x Shakes L x Dubb x Bishop Lamont x Kendrick Lamar – Im The Man (Remix)

How did the collaborations for the ‘I’m The Man (Remix)’ come about?
The remix that you hear is just Part 1…I am actually workin’ on finishing up ‘I’m The Man (Remix Part 2)’. I reached out to Jay Rock, G. Malone, Crooked I and Nipsey [Hussle]…just to let people know where I am at, how much respect I get from my West Coast brothers…it’s just about meeting time frames and dates, ’cause I know we all working on albums right now, but to get back on the subject, I was in the studio and I had just did the original one which is on iTunes now and figured the last tape I put out with DJ Skee had a big remix on it, why not do it again.

Spitfiya x Meaku x EQ – Got Me Gone
How do you feel about the state of West Coast Hip-Hop right now, as well as Hip-Hop in general?
I think the state of music is in [a] horrible state right now when it comes to the support system ’cause nobody wants to buy albums any more, honesty, but musically-wise, we are coming back to that Golden Age where we got hot albums coming suck as Bun B’s Trill OG, Rick Ross, Drake, Tech N9ne’s record, I mean in the past 2 years from a music standpoint we have witnesses incredible albums and mixtapes that should have been albums. But from what I witness is that fans don’t really support anymore, I mean, B.o.B has a great album and he should be at a million records, now Nas has an incredible record, even back to Bun B…but the sales don’t reflect that. And I feel that as fans, friends and family, we need to rally up and come together and push our local heroes to the top. And that goes for every coast, not just mine.

The Brilliance artwork cover.

What can we expect from The Brilliance? What are your plans for the future that we should look out for?
The Brilliance is a concept album I’m [giving] away for free that I’m putting out with the Bullets and DJ Ill Will & Rockstar, and it’s going to be multiple albums to it and has a cliffhanger ending to the first CD that will be coming out probably next month, but it features artists such as Bishop Lamont, Kendrick Lamar, Mistah FAB, the Bullets, of course, R&B and international household name Meaku, Grammy award winning L.V., Alabama’s next big star Attitude and Avion The One. All these people have made a big impact on music in some form, Google them if you’re not sure (Jon’s note: JukeBOX. is.)…and to contact me, hit me on my Twitter @Spitfiyafans or Facebook me at C. Spitfiya and beat submission rchyoung@ymail.com. Don’t forget to go to bulletsproductionteam.com for all the newest info about me…and remember, if you not up on spit then you’re not up on shit. BRILLIANT. 

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