Kanye Cursed 40 Out For Jockin’ His Style

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Apparantly, Kanye went smack at Drake’s favorite producer over their similarity in sound (as Noah “40” Shebib told VIBE). Was this before or after his recent good guy transformation? Spotted on Rap Radar:
“I can’t even be mad at him,” says 40 [short for working 40 Days and 40 Nights…Noah’s ark, get it?) “Because the last CD I listened to before I started working on So Far Gone was 808s & Heartbreak.”
“At this point in time, the only rappers I have any interest in working with outside of Drake are Wayne and Jay,” 40 says flatly. “I think Drake has been so instrumental in creating that sound that I have a commitment to him. If he doesn’t want me to give it away, I won’t.”
Curious to know if Kanye will respond to this…and the fact that Mr. West has admitted to borrowing sounds before (RZA with ‘Heartless’ and Dr. Dre with ‘This Can’t Be Life’ are two example), well…I don’t know. I’m not a producer…

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