Kanye West x Beyonc̩ x Charlie Wilson РSee Me Now

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Well, he stood by his word…and while we’re on the topic of Kanye, he had this to say to Angie Martinez about a few rappers in the industry:

“The scariest artist in the game right now…The scariest artist is definitely Nicki Minaj,” Kanye told Angie Martinez on Hot 97. “And I think she has the most potential out of everyone to be the #2 rapper of all time ’cause nobody’s gonna be bigger than Eminem. Eminem’s the #1 rapper of all time…I love Wayne, I love Cudi, I love Jay… They scare me too,” he revealed. “And yo Drake, you gotta give Drake credit too. Drake is scary also.”

What do you think? Decide while listening to the track (which doesn’t sound fully mixed, by the way)…

Update: Corey (@mr2oh2) reminded me…Illseed did report that the album is now called Dark Twisted Fantasy. Fair enough.


Download: Kanye West x Beyonc̩ x Charlie Wilson РSee Me Now

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