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I really do believe that Ozone gets some of the best interviews (although I hope JukeBOX. can change that. Lol). Anyway, Julia Beverly got up with Paul Wall for an interview and Ozone posted an interesting excerpt in regards to his relationship with Mike Jones. Interestingly enough, that guy has really disappeared…check it out after the jump.
Where is Mike Jones?
I don’t know. Ever since he left Swishahouse I haven’t really kept track of him. I really didn’t know him too well before he came to Swishahouse. I’d say he dug his own grave. He lied to a lot of people, he turned his back on a lot of people, and he burned a lot of bridges. I don’t want to kick a dog while he’s down and I don’t wanna just talk shit about him, but I think a lot of people were happy when [Trae] punched him and knocked him out. But at the same time, a lot of people were mad at Trae too. It’s not like Mike Jones is the gangsta of the year, so in my opinion, you don’t really get points for beating up Mike Jones. Some people say it was a publicity stunt on Trae’s part, but I disagree with that totally because I know Trae and he doesn’t really do publicity stunts like that. If Trae feels disrespected, he’s going to address it. I think that’s what happened. If somebody disrespects you, [punching them] is not always the answer, but it’s definitely sometimes the answer. So I don’t feel like Trae was wrong in any form or fashion. Trae doesn’t do publicity stunts. But like I said, Mike Jones burned his bridge with a lot of people, so he probably had a knock out coming from somewhere at some time anyway. I’m positive of that.

I think because of the “Tippin’ on 44’s” record, people outside of Houston always had the perception that you, Mike Jones, and Slim Thug, were sort of a unit.
I would’ve liked it to be like that, but Mike Jones didn’t want that. He kinda wanted it to all be about him. If that’s how you want it, I’m not gonna be the one to beg you to stay around, especially since all my major success came not too long after the break up with me and Chamillionaire. I was in a mindframe where it was like, “If you don’t want to be here, I’m not gonna force you.” If you don’t want to be on the Swishahouse team together, I’m not gonna force you. I’ve gotta do me and focus on what’s best for me. I would’ve loved for us to be a unit but he didn’t want that, so that was his choice. When he left Swishahouse, he was dropping salt on everybody from Swishahouse and not giving us any credit at all. He was talking down on a lot of us and he would never directly say our names, but he was still hating. There were times when I felt disrespected and I would call him out on it, and he’d be like, “Nah, I wasn’t talking about you. I would never do that.” I’m sure there’s a psychological term for this problem that Mike Jones has. He has a problem. His perception of reality ain’t the real perception of reality. In his mind he feels like he hasn’t done anything wrong to me, Trae, or Chamillionaire. He feels like everyone else is trippin’ and he’s the victim. But that ain’t how it happened. We always say there’s three sides to every story. There’s your side, the other person’s side, and then there’s the truth. But in his mind, he’s the victim and he never did anything wrong to anybody. When somebody thinks that way, there’s no point in arguing with them. With that being said, I kinda washed my hands of him. I’m not worried about Mike Jones. I don’t wish no bad on him and I don’t hate him, but I’ve got to move in my own direction. There’s no sense in arguing with him. They say when two people argue, from a distance you can’t tell who the fool is.

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