Wow…saw this yesterday but didn’t think anything serious of it… ::shrug::

After the show, two fans claim that they were merely showing their appreciation for Drizzy when the rapper and his bodyguard got physical, pushing them away and spurring an altercation that sent one of them to the hospital.

“Before I got to say his name, [his bodyguard] punched me in the mouth and I fell back,” said Jeremis Perez Soriano, who ended up with six stitches on the left side of his mouth. “These are the same people that are buying your CDs. You shouldn’t treat us like that.”

His female friend, who was first pushed away by Drake, maintains that there was no physical contact on their behalf. “He never put his hands on Drake, he never put his hands on the security guard. He never even made a fist to hit the security guard for the security guard to come and hit him that hard,” she said. “Drake went to get on his bus and he flicked me off in my face and was like, ‘F you, you’re nothing.’”

Soriano is currently seeking legal advice and plans to file suit against the hip-hop star. He says he doesn’t want much, only reimbursement for his medical bills.

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