Only 200,000 shipped? Even after the big announcement he had with Sylvia Rhone?

A record deal is a 50/50 partnership!As a artist its your job to provide the record company with music that they(record company)can sell! Thing about the partnership is that n the public eye the responsibility is not 50/50!the artist is always the 1who catches 90% of the blame. When a artist doesn’t deliver sufficient material they(artist)gets its budget cut for next album or worse dropped from the label!

So not only is the label ur partner but also disciplinarian and 90% of the time the one who decides if the partnership continues! Nodoubt wen a artist doesn’t deliver a song that does crack top of the charts or even top10 the label is quick to say artist didn’t deliver. So intern the artist must bare the brunt of that failure and take responsibility and consequences as handed out by his or her label!!

So who fault is it when a artist gives the label not only a #1 hit but there first top40 #1 n label history!sell 2mill n singles n 2.5month. Who should be held responsible wen a artist has a history for selling records so its not like a new artist n no1 knows his r her name? Benefit of the doubt: Maybe no1 wants to hear music from that artist?well if that was true then the artist would not have a #1 song! Benefit of the doubt:Maybe no1is checking 4 the artist anymore?Well if that was true then how do u explain selling 2mill singles n 2.5month?

I careless about haters u cant hate on #1song n 2.5mill n singles!but the fact is that some1 need to holdup there end of the partnership! If the music wasn’t good how do u get to #1 and 2.5mill!!but if folks say they didn’t even no wen the album came out????? If u only ship 200thound of an album how many are u f#cking tryen to sell??the artist does control that nor does he or she control marketing. “”5.0″”Every1 luvs da album n say its crazy!So wen u hear folks say they didnt no it was out r there were hardly any n the store!WTF?

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