You know, I’ve seen some questionable shit today — Tucker Max stories, Lil’ Kim’s titty, etc — and in the midst of them is this: a continued onslaught (that’s not even the word I was looking for) of hate from Baltimore’s Bossman once again headed in Wale’s direction. So I guess he’s just gonna keep it up until Wale says something back?

Another thing I notice that continues to rear its ugly head: The DMV (picture me doing air quotes here)…as two groups are continuously debating as to why Baltimore is or is not part of the (air quotes) DMV. And guess what? I say it is. ‘M’ stands for Maryland right? Or is Baltimore like a castle and the state is a moat? I can’t stress this enough: THAT TERM DOESN’T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE. Excuse my French or whatever, but to continue that argument is only helping him. It’s our fault that he’s even able to set claim to an area that isn’t even his.

As far as his music, I really don’t understand where all of this is coming from…he claims it’s all a matter of disrespect but I am having a difficult time looking at this as anything other than a grab for 15 more minutes of fame. Bossman was a rising star of Baltimore, and…I don’t know how he fell off that list, but this isn’t the way to come back to Hip-Hop. I personally hope Wale responds on wax (who doesn’t like a good Hip-Hop battle?), but since he has yet to (and probably won’t), this all looks pretty ridiculous at the end of the day. ::shrugs::

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