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Trends: Not For Everyone

Admit it! We’ve all seen at least one person in public whom we wanted to issue a fashion citation(s). Yes, fashion is about self expression and wearing what you feel comfortable in, but let’s be honest, just because we like it and its available in our size, does NOT mean it will look great on us.

As you may know, this month will be a fashion extravaganza – due to the many fashion weeks taking place around the world. These weeks will be filled with fashion shows, in which you’ll notice several new and re-occurring trends for the Fall/Winter 2011/12 season. But let’s face it!… What looks good on fabulous runway models will not necessarily look good on the average person.

Miss E., a Senior Customer Service Representative in Las Vegas, NV enjoys checking out the latest trends at the many shopping malls that “Sin City” has to offer. When asked about keeping up with current trends and knowing what’s appropriate for her body, Miss E. said, “I’ll try it, and if it doesn’t fit, I’ll move to the rack on the left and keep it pushing…it just wasn’t meant to be…you have to be tasteful, not tacky.”

When embracing a trend that may not live up to its expectations, a fashionista will have the ability to take it and make it their own, in a tasteful manor. According to @Busythebee, a Fashion Assistant in Las Vegas, NV, “That’s what fashion’s about. When you find something you like, embrace it, and make it your own…your wardrobe becomes a walking mural.” When in doubt about an outfit selection, “look at blogs and websites to see how others dress it up, then try it for yourself.” says @Busythebee. On the flip side, Miss E. says, “If you’re not sure, ask for a second opinion from a stranger or someone of the opposite sex.”

The best way to make whatever you’re wearing a knockout; know your best assets and enhance them, and vice versa. No one’s perfect, but if you’re aware of what you’re working with, you can sure get pretty close or appear to be.

Regardless of the trend you’re trying to rock, if you’re not mindful of your body – or denial about your true size – your outfit can be a #FAIL! So remember, “Fashion is architecture: It is a matter of proportions.” – Coco Chanel

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