Above is the interview surrounding the situation….I spotted this on AllHipHop:

Where are Chris Brown’s handlers? The boy reportedly dumbed out on Good Morning America just this morning after they asked him about Rihanna. You would think his people would have media trained him for this stuff. According to TMZ, Brown dumbed out after the interview, not during. He went into his dressing room screaming and broke a window. Security was eventually called and when they got there, he had torn his shirt off. He was supposed to do a performance for another ABC-owned entity, but he bounced. eportedly exploded in rage behind the scenes at ‘Good Morning America’ this morning. This could be an exaggeration, but they said on the way out, Chris got in the face of a producer like he was going to do something, but he left.

UPDATE: It looks like Chris Brown has been arrested for the outburst. Remember dude is on probation over the whole Rihanna thing…so this is a problem. 

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