Now….I found this on Illseed’s Rumors page, first of all, when I also saw this:

Compton’s own YG has started some controversy. He opens up about his start in the game, and being the originator of the Jerk Movement. He emphasizes his youth fanbase and how it helped him to ultimately receive support from his idol, Snoop Dogg. In regards to his relationship with 50 and G-Unit, he explains how Lloyd Banks helped him out when a New York club wasn’t having him.

On the topic of being lyrical versus making hits, YG explains that he’s more focused on making hits then being considered a lyrical artist. He admits that he started rapping to get back at someone, but says that if he “wanted to be a lyrical artist he could be one”. He also goes further saying Lil Wayne and Drake are lyrical, but Tupac Shakur wasn’t lyrical and that “he just told the truth.”

I guess the question is, was this a diss? I personally don’t think that was his intent….but what do you think?

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