Baltimore native MC Rye Rye is nothing short of fresh. This female MC has been signed to artist M.I.A.’s label, XL Recordings. Not many MCs, let alone female MCs, have the opportunity to work with international superstars like M.I.A. She recently took some time to talk with JukeBOX’s own Eric B. about her music, city and mentor.

Rye Rye first started writing and rapping when she was only 15 after meeting DJ Blaqstarr, a Baltimore-rooted DJ, and getting the opportunity to rap for him over his voicemail. Her start to the rap game came with a chance; she took it and ran. With inspirations such as Missy Elliott, Nas, Jay-Z, Timberland, Destiny’s Child and Aayliah, Rye Rye describes her music as fun, electrifying and refreshing with heavy beats.

DJ Blaqstarr x Rye Rye – Shake It To The Ground

She is not shy about repping hard for Baltimore. When asked about putting her city on she says, “It’s very natural. I feel like I have to put on for the city because our city rarely gets recognition and for my situation to happen the way it did, I’m just very appreciative and I’m like, ‘I got to go for it because it’s not too many artists out of Baltimore really doing it.’” She said her whole purpose is to let people hear where her music comes from and how much her city inspires her music.

Baltimore is just one of her inspirations. M.I.A. has provided inspiration and tutelage, since Rye Rye began working on her album in 2009. M.I.A. wanted to meet her after hearing a song she had done with DJ Blaqstarr and just like that M.I.A. invited Rye Rye to open one of her shows. After blowing the audience away, M.I.A. then asked her to open for the rest of her tour. She said she’s humbled by being able to work with and have a mentor like M.I.A.

Rye Rye x M.I.A. – Sunshine

One of the things Rye Rye is thankful for is the preparation M.I.A. provided. She was encouraged to work harder and prove herself more since she is a female mainstream artist. She explained that sometimes as a female MC you have to exploit yourself and do things you wouldn’t normally do to start you career, but she has been able to avoid it by being an apprentice to M.I.A. and being what she calls “DJ Friendly” and cool with producers. Studio time with M.I.A. and her producers is a relaxed atmosphere where “everybody [does] their own thing.”
Rye Rye – Hardcore Girls

This vibrant young woman has worked with the likes of Tyga of Young Money and Pharrell Williams and aspires to work with Missy Elliott. Her main thing is getting her album out for her fans. Rye Rye is a one-of-a-kind artist who loves her fans and clearly makes music because of them. The future looks bright for this young star. I see her doing big things. Look out for her.
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