by A. Cam

Wiz Khalifa has come a long way since his first album Show and Prove in 2006. Since then he was on the come up in HipHop. He made a lot of mixtapes like Prince of the City, Star Power, Flight School, Kush and Orange Juice and more up to his latest one called Cabin Fever. When Wiz Khalifa released his chart topping single ‘Black and Yellow’, he put Pittsburgh on the map. Wiz went from an underground rapper to a mainstream superstar.

Wiz has been hustling for years to get his big break; releasing mixtapes, selling out shows and using Twitter to build a fan base. When Wiz Khalifa shared the news about being signed to Atlantic Records, everyone couldn’t wait for his debut album, Rolling Papers.

When I listened to the album I noticed he has a variety of sounds on this album. He didn’t just do the Hip-Hop genre, there is also Pop. My favorite song on the album would have to be ‘No Sleep’. The song is very catchy. Rolling Papers is defiantly a celebration of his new fame.

The album is a celebration of Khalifa’s new fame and having a good time. Wiz’s album captures attention to mostly college age listeners. The album tackles topics like break-ups and outside pressures with a down to earth approach. The song ‘Get Your Shit’ is a perfect example. Wiz talks about the loss of a girl friend because she can’t handle what comes with Wiz’s new fame and all the women who are suddenly interested in him. His reaction was to just end the relationship. Other songs like ‘Rooftops’ and ‘Hopes and Dreams’ talks about how Wiz Khalifa back then was at the bottom and now he has reached his peak.

Overall, the album is a complete success as expected. There is not one song that deserves a skip. Makes you want to party and roll one every time.

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