Don’t think 50 isn’t still winning. From AllHipHop:
Rap star 50 Cent has come forward to clear the air about the venture between his G-Unit brand and Sleek Audio, which produced his “Sleek by 50” line of headphones.
50 terminated the deal between Sleek’s parent company TVGoods Inc. and his company, G-Unit.
His new company, SMS Audio LLC, has signed a new deal with TVGoods, to bring a new line of wireless headphones and a full-range of audio accessories to market.
“As reported, the license arrangement between my company, G-Unit, and Sleek Audio to produce headphones branded as ‘Sleek by 50’ has been cancelled,” 50 Cent clarified to “Instead, I have established a new company that is developing a complete line of audio accessories, including wireless headphones, offering superior sound quality along with cutting edge technology for all music lovers to enjoy.”
As a businessman, 50 said that he seeks ownership in any company that utilizes his name and brand recognition.
50, who still owns a hefty 7.5 million shares of TVGoods, is also still committed to his original vision of creating a world-class audio product for his fans.
“As an artist, I am committed to bringing top-of-the-line audio products to my fans, and I am excited that I have the resources to achieve just that with this new venture,” 50 Cent told

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